Code of Conduct

ARCS Australia Ltd Code of Conduct

Whilst I am a Member of ARCS Australia Ltd (ARCS), I will:

  • commit to the mission of ARCS;
  • comply with all of the provisions of the Constitution of ARCS Australia Ltd (as amended from time to time);
  • conduct myself honourably in the practice of my profession, exercising honesty, respect and integrity towards my profession and towards those I come in contact with through my profession;
  • do everything within my power to maintain the dignity and welfare of ARCS;
  • when representing ARCS as a member, do so in an honourable and respectful manner;
  • support the activities of ARCS to the best of my ability;
  • only use ARCS communication services to exchange information within the ARCS Interest Groups, Education SubCommittees or amongst the membership that relates to a question or issue directly relevant to my professional role and/or membership of ARCS;
  • not use the avenues referred to in the above paragraph to:
    • promote services or opportunities which may result in commercial gain for myself, my employer or any other related party;
    • disseminate information which:
      • a reasonable person could expect to be prejudicial to or offensive to other Members of the ARCS; or
      • is illegal;
      • not engage in any conduct which is illegal.



Download the ARCS Constitution