CPD and Certification


Continuing Professional Development

ARCS requires that a minimum number of 20 points is required on an annual basis (60 points over three years) to show an on-going commitment to your professional development. As a rule of thumb one point is equivalent to one hour of learning, but this does vary depending on the person and the activity.

Please Note:  Evidence must be retained by the individual for all claims for points (e.g. attendance certificate, registration confirmation, etc). Relevant educational activities and memberships includes any activity which fulfils the mission of ARCS “to enhance their performance in their roles within the Australian and New Zealand pharmaceutical, medical devices, diagnostic or other healthcare industries”.

Points will be allocated according to the following formula:


Points Scheme Allocation Table

Post-graduate studies  (by a recognised university) (Self-assigned) 60 points per annum
Passive educational activities (e.g. attending a seminar or workshop, private reading, attending a conference) (Self-assigned or ARCS) 1 point per hour attended (maximum 7 points per day)
Active educational activities (e.g. presenting, lecturing, completing assessments, e-learning, on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching) (Self-assigned or ARCS) 2 point per hour (maximum 14 points per day)
Serving on the Board or convening a group within a professional association (ARCS) 20 points / annum
Membership of a relevant association (Self-assigned or ARCS) 3 points/ annum
Publication of paper in refereed journal:(Self-assigned) 20 points if primary author
10 points if secondary author
Publication of paper in ARCS newsletter:(ARCS) 10 points