Clinical Research Certification

ARCS Certification for Clinical Research

ARCS Certification for Clinical Research
Research conducted amongst our members and in consultation with senior members in management positions, has identified the need for Certification. Therefore, members of ARCS Australia Ltd are now able to gain recognition for their training and experience through a Certification process.

Certification of ARCS Australia Members:

The certification of ARCS members is the process for recognising members who have attained a certain professional standard at an educational and/or practice area level. ARCS certification will not be based on job role.
The ARCS Professional Standard:
ARCS members seeking certification will be assessed against the following 4 criteria:
a) Relevant educational background
b) Underpinning knowledge via certificates of completion
c) Appropriate experience in the workplace &
d) Commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) and the ARCS Australia Code of Conduct

Certification Pathways:

1. Monitoring
2. Site Coordination

ARCS member seeking certification will be able to select the pathway through which they will be able to demonstrate to the ARCS Board they have achieved the required professional standard. Each pathway will be distinguished by the relevant work experience the member has documented in their CV, followed by an online assessment for each of the following key learning areas (KLAs):

1.Underpinning GCP and Australian guidelines
3. Site Selection
4. Site Start-Up
5. Study Supplies
6. Training
7. Adverse Event Reporting
8. Monitoring
9. Study Closure

Certification Classifications:

The ARCS Board will be able to recognise an ARCS member who meets the required professional standard as either an:
1) ARCS Certified Members (ACM) for Monitoring or Coordination <5 years’ experience
 2) ARCS Certified Professional Members (ACPM) >5 years’ experience
 3) ARCS Certified Fellow (ACF) 

Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions for additional information, including upcoming Certification programs in other practice areas. Please send any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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