Should you experience any issues with access to the website or member pages please ring the ARCS Business Office on (02) 8905 0829 during business hours.

When is it taking effect?



What is my new username?

Your User name is your e-mail address on your account and you should use this to log-in, rather than your username from the old database. If there are any issues or concerns then please ring the ARCS Business Office on (02) 8905 0829.

What is my password or how do I retrieve it?

Your password should still be the same, unless it has been changed in the last 7 weeks. If you have changed it in this period, then please use the old one for the initial log-in. If you have forgotten your password, simply go to the log-in page click the “…forgotten your e-mail or password” link, which will take you to a member log-in page where you can select an option for you to be sent an email with your recovered password. This e-mail will be titled “Password for your iEBMS logon account” and should arrive within seconds. If this does not arrive in your inbox then please check the e-mail address used and/or your junk or spam folder. If you experience further difficulties in logging in, please contact the ARCS Business Office during business hours on (02) 8905 0829.



Will I need to update my details?

We recommend that all members log-in and check their profile, interest areas and communication preferences to ensure they are up to date.

My log-in e-mail username and password does not work?

Our first recommendation is that you go through the steps to recover your password, which will then be sent to you. If this does not work then please contact the ARCS Business Office during business hours on (02) 8905 0829.

Will my professional development points / past training attendance be carried forward?

Yes, they may not appear just yet but we have a full record of the last three years’ CPD and will add to this as events are completed, in real time. Details will appear in the website when this functionality is activated.

Have all my details been brought across from the previous database?

No, certain data fields that were considered not critical were not brought across. We do have access to the old database till at least 30 June 2015 if there are any details such as attendance at events from a long time ago that you may wish to confirm before this period expires.



When I log-in not all events seem to be appearing under events in my interest areas? Why is this?

You now have the ability to select event preferences in your profile. This will affect a number of functions including the events listed under “Events in my Interest Area”. If you would like to alter your preferences, you can do so by going to “My Dashboard” and clicking on “Edit profile”. Under the “Options” heading select “Edit Member Details”. Here you will be able to update all your preferences and contact details. For a full list of all events simply click on the “Events” drop down and select “Event Listing”.  

I registered to attend a workshop/seminar recently – will my registration be current and appear in the new system?

Yes. All registrations have been transferred to the new system.



Why do I get certain ARCS e-mails and not others?

The e-mails that you receive from ARCS are determined by the preferences, located under “My Dashboard” and then “Edit My Profile”. Initially you will get all e-mails. If at a later stage you feel that you are getting too many or you selected certain areas but then find you are missing out on relevant content then please log-in and choose the correct communications preferences by choosing Edit My Profile.

I have unsubscribed before why I am getting some e-mails again?

The unsubscribe function in the last events database was a general unsubscribe. The new database has many new options to enable you to select and receive only emails of interest to you. . The default in the new database is that all ARCS members receive all communications, but these can be easily turned on and off within your profile to meet your requirements (see “My Dashboard”).




Why is there a new category called Guest Membership?

This has been created so that interested parties can log-in with a minimum of contact information to review parts of the website and participate in discussion boards. However, not all functionality is available and member’ discounts do not apply for Guest members. We hope Guest Members will eventually decide to become ARCS full, student, overseas or associate members.

Do the Discussion Boards require a separate log-in?

Yes that is correct. We suggest that you use the same username and password as your main log-in so that these are easy to recall and/or let your browser remember your discussion board log-in details.

How do I find information about events and joining IAC meetings?

All events and IAC meetings will be listed on the public and member areas of the ARCS website. However, you will need to register to get access details.

Why do I have to register for IAC meetings?

Our IAC meetings can be very popular. To ensure that no one misses out, taking registrations for each meeting will enable us to cater for larger groups. We are also now welcoming non-ARCS members to attend IAC meetings at a cost of $30 per occasion.

Where are the ARCS conference details and conference registration located?

You can find information about the conference speakers and event details at www.arcsconferences.com. We will be using the new website at www.arcs.com.au for conference registrations.

Will this change to your website impact the online training I am currently undertaking?

No. Your log-in details and progress for online training will not change. Online training modules are delivered on a separate platform.

How do I pay for membership / events that I ordered using the existing system?

If you paid for your membership / event online, you do not need to do anything. If you opted to receive an invoice and pay later, you can simply pay via direct deposit using the details on your invoice. To pay by credit card, please contact us during business hours on (02)8905 0829.

Where can I find all the presentations for conferences, IAC meetings etc.?

This requires a member log-in and these are located under the tab “Resources”. We will send registrants a different link to any presentations received prior to the congress. Where we have speaker agreement, all congress presentations will be posted for viewing by non-attendees approximately one to two months after the event.

Why do my previous activities (orders) appear with zero dollars in the website?

Previous registrations but not payment details have been transferred to the new database and so these payments appear as $0. If you have recently registered and paid for an event (pre 23 January) but have not attended as yet, then this will be included in the new database as a registered prospective attendee. If you wish to confirm then please contact us during business hours on (02)8905 0829.



What browsers / mobile devices are support access to the ARCS website?

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari have been tested on PCs and Mac computers as well on android and Apple iOS mobile devices. If you are experiencing difficulties on the website try one of the tested browsers. Mobile devices should automatically stack pages into a viewable column of content, however registration pages may exceed the width of a normal mobile screen.

There are a number of pages which are incomplete. What are they?

TransCelerate, certification and CPD pages are still to be delivered, we are working on these currently and expect them to be finalised shortly. CPD is being recorded and will appear at a later stage.

I have registered for the event but the CPD does not appear in my record?

CPD will be automatically credited to your account after the event has been held.

I think I have found a bug

Please contact the ARCS office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with “website issue” in the title or similar and we will attend to this.

Some of the text is hard to read

During testing we have noted that the contrast of the text to the background images is less when using Internet Explorer 8 (the most recent version you can use for Windows XP). However, this has not been noted in later versions of Internet Explorer nor recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If you have issues in a browser other than IE8 then please contact the ARCS office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with “website issue” in the title or similar and we will attend to this.

How do I see all the screen menu options on my mobile phone?

All of the screen menu options should appear as a small box with horizontal lines on it, please click on this to view the menu items which are normally at the top of the screen.


If you have a suggestion for the website, whether it’s functionality or appearance, we would love to hear from you. Or if you’d just like to tell us how much you’re enjoying the new website, we would like to hear that too! Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Will my data be held privately?

ARCS takes the holding of your data seriously and has a privacy policy which is viewable on our webpage. In addition, we have only selected vendors who are committed to be compliant to the Australian Privacy Act. If you have a question or concern then please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Does ARCS retain my data?

If you a past ARCS member, we will retain limited details of your membership for company records and in case you wish to return. ARCS will retain details for other parties who are never-members i.e. those who may have attended an ARCS event and/or advertised or exhibited with us, for approximately 3 years. Financial transactions will be retained for a minimum of 7 years, as required by law.

Can I be assured in providing my credit card details?

Credit card details are not held electronically by ARCS and all payment transactions are passed directly through to E-way, a large and reputable provider of financial services. ARCS has been using E-way for more than 5 years without incident.



How do I make a complaint?

Please use the 'Contact us' section of the website.