Osmond-Russell Scholarship

Andrea Osmond Russell was a very active member of ARCS who volunteered her time to be part of the first Education Sub-committee of ARCS, co-editor of the newsletter and organiser of many other ARCS gatherings. Tragically Andrea’s life was cut short in a car accident.  In her memory, the ARCS Board and members voted, overwhelmingly, to establish a scholarship in recognition of her very positive contribution to ARCS during the early years.

The aims of the scholarship

The scholarship aims to promote, foster, develop and assist the further education (including attending international conferences) and development of ARCS’ members in areas relevant to the membership which will ultimately improve the skills of members involved in therapeutics developments.


All ARCS full members are eligible to apply for the scholarships. Each scholarship is awarded up to the value of $10,000.  Please note that all costs must be incurred (and reimbursed) by the 30 June 2017, unless otherwise approved by ARCS.

What are my responsibilities if I am successful?

The successful applicant should undertake to complete the activity as included in their application. The successful applicant should also be prepared to share their knowledge with the ARCS membership, by way of a presentation to the membership and an article on the educational activity undertaken, which may be printed in the ARCS newsletter. It will be left up to applicants to identify other ways they could share their knowledge.

The successful applicant will join the selection panel to judge the 2017 applications.

Tips for applicants

The challenge is to develop a proposal which will be of individual benefit to your knowledge and development through education and experience and which will also contribute to other ARCS members in some way. Also, based on past applications, we strongly recommend that you:

  • Clearly defining the rationale for the activity
  • Articulating tangible benefits to you and ARCS members
  • Identify the professional development gap being addressed (and the value add of the scholarship to you and the broader ARCS membership.
  • Including a detailed budget (which is lacking in many applications)
  • Please answer all questions

APPLICATIONS CLOSED AT 17:00 on the 14 October 2016

Need more information?

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about the suitability of your proposed activity, or which scholarship is most suitable for you.

Recent Winners:

 2012 Sophie Gibb Application to attend the 2013 European Medical Writers Association conference and workshops.
 2013 Lucas Litewka Remote Monitoring Framework - Enhancing Oversight in clinical trials for site, CRO and sponsor.
2014 Gina Kennedy Attendance at the Society of Clinical Research Sites, 10th Annual Global Site Solutions Summit
2015 Dr Sumana Islam

Attendance at the Biologicals and Biosimilars - Bringing European Regulatory knowledge to Australian Industry.

2016 Dr Janelle Bowden

Attendance at the Patients as Partners Conference in Philadelphia