Get Involved with Us

Want to be more involved with your association?

One of the perks of being an ARCS member is you get to be part of what we do, but why not go one step further and get involved with one of voluteer opportunities? We have many different roles available depending on how much time you think you would be able to spare and what you're most interested in.

So, before you're put off by the word 'volunteer', read about the roles available and see what you can add to your association whilst developing your skills!



Interest Areas (IAs)

  • IAs are established to match Interest Areas that members sign up to when they join the association
  • these are all about ideas i.e. topics for congresses, hot issues for seminars, contacts with experts/speakers, information conduit for website
  • members ideally come from a range of experience levels - new to senior
  • there is a convenor of each IA who leads the committee
  • no role in organisation of events, this is handled by the ARCS Business Office (ABO)
  • limited tenure – approximately 2 years rolling tenure
  • you will need to co-ordinate with the relevant education personnel in ABO
  • become familiar with the goals around information provision and online discussion topics
  • liaise closely with seminar and conference committees


Regional Networking Groups

  • these groups are established to organise local networking activities
  • here is a convenor of each group who leads the committee
  • work largely independently of ABO apart from marketing
  • use local companies and local venues; self-funded, low cost
  • small component of meetings is update on ARCS’ activities and gather needs
  • work with Champions in local organisations
  • input into the Seminar Committee to advise on the training needs for the region and also for support on delivering seminars/workshops regionally
  • goals around number meetings/year
  • Report to Volunteer Co-ordinator

Non-Technical Roles

  • opportunity for volunteers to provide skills outside their daily role
  • opportunity to assist ABO - digital marketing, e-commerce, web design (development, testing), admin tasks
  • supported by ARCS volunteer co-ordinator


Write an article or be a guest editor for the "Source Document"

The source document is our hardcopy quarterly journal which is free to members and has a circulation of approximately 2700. We invite our members to submit articles or to guest edit the Source Document.


Some ideas for articles are:

  • The latest changes in government, processes, people, policies or guidelines and how should we work with them and/or new content in your respective disciplines.
  • Information about committee or interest group activities - in the future or in the recent past.
  • Non-ARCS events relevant to your group including international or local happenings, changes to regulations or the environment that you work in.
  • ARCS event write-ups. This includes our AGM, Annual Congress or Regional Networking events.
  • News and views; people and places; photos are great!

Articles should be upwards of 800 words. Read our December 2014 publication and see what other people are writing about. There are many benefits of being published:

  • Having your article published adds value to your career. Including your publication on your CV may influence a hiring or promotion decision.
  • Writing an article may increase your recognition and standing in the industry.
  • Publications can establish your credibility. If the publication you are writing is relevant to your expertise you may become known as an expert in your field.
  • In comparrison to writing a book, articles are faster and easier to prepare. You can move from outline to completed article in a weekend.
  • An interesting article may lead to a request for you to do more on the subject! It may be picked up by another publication or result in speaking opportunities or consulting jobs, and who knows what else!

If you would like to contribute, have an idea for an article, or just want more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Conference Committees

  • members are involved only for the development and delivery of one major conference
  • includes members from the relevant interest areas
  • work with IAC(s) and regional groups to gather topic and speaker information; take responsibility for delivery of a group of sessions
  • work with the ABO for event organisation, administrative and marketing support


If you would like to discuss these opportunites further please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..