Interest Areas

Members can identify their Interest Areas based on the area they currently work in, related areas, areas they are considering moving into and/or geographic location. Interest Areas they can join include: BMS2558

  • Brisbane
  • Clinical Reserach (Monitoring)
  • Clinical Research (Site Coordination)
  • Health Economics
  • Leadership
  • Consultants
  • Young Leaders
  • Medical Affairs
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Information
  • Medical Writing
  • Melbourne
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Regulatory Affairs

Within Interest Areas are:

Information, in addition to the public areas, in the form of Industry Updates, Employment Opportunities, ARCS News and specific information relevant to the Area including: seminar and conference presentations, tools plus links to useful information and websites relevant to the Interest Area – some of these websites offer RSS feeds you can subscribe to.

Education, in addition to the public areas, – professional development opportunities relevant to the Interest Area will be filtered through to the Interest area pages together with ARCS’ Professional Development Pathways and tools to assist you in your current role and future training needs. Face to face training, webinars, e-learning modules will be available to you.

Networking with other members interested in the area through online Discussion Forums. You can initiate the topics for discussion, and other members in the Interest Area will be notified by e-Bulletin, RSS feeds and on the website.

Please note: The ARCS Member Code of Conduct states that members will only use ARCS communication services to exchange information that relates to a question or issue directly relevant to their professional role and/or membership of ARCS. These services are not to be used to promote services or opportunities which may result in commercial gain for the member, their employer or any other related party or to disseminate information which a reasonable person could expect to be prejudicial to or offensive to other Members of the ARCS or is illegal.

RSS Feeds are available from the ARCS website. These can be sent to your preferred message centre (Outlook, Yahoo and Google all provide the facility to accept RSS feeds). Feeds include ARCS News, ARCS Newsletter, Industry Positions, Training Opportunities and Discussion Forum Topics.

Members - For a list of Convenors, please visit ARCS Education Convenors.