Your Eligibility

ARCS Australia members are individuals who contribute to or are interested in the development and/or quality of therapeutic goods.

ARCS has full, associate, student, overseas and retired member classifications, depending on your current employment status . All members enjoy similar member benefits however only full members are eligible for certification and scholarship programmes, and have voting and Board nomination rights. For information on membership categories click here.

These questions will help you decide which membership type you're eligibale for:

Do you reside in Australia?
If yes, you're entilted to full or associate membership, if no you can apply for overseas membership.

Are you enrolled full time as a student in Australia in 2014?
If yes, you can register as a student member - please note student ID will be requested.

Are you primarily employed (more than 50% of your working time) in providing scientific or medical services or expertise that contribute to the development and/or quality use of therapeutic goods in Australia?
If yes you are eligible for full membership, and if the answer is no you are eligible for associate membership


All memberships are subject to Board approval.